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The pomegranate...

The pomegranate is a metaphorical SUPERFOOD!

The tale of Persephone and the Pomegranate is a symbol for the continual cycle of growth, dormancy and re-growth which governs all things in the physical and spiritual realm.

In Greek Mythology, Hades the God of the Underworld, abducts Persephone one day while she is in the fields smelling the Narcissi flowers and he brings her to the underworld. Persephone’s mother Demeter Goddess of Harvest, wife to Zeus is so distraught that her daughter is missing that she threatens the earth with imminent famine so that Persephone is brought back to her. While Persephone was in the underworld Hades gave her pomegranate seeds and she ate them. Because she tasted the power of the underworld she was obligated to return to the underworld for a third of every year.

This is why during spring, summer and fall the Earth flourishes with flowers and fruits and during the colder winter months it turns bare and dark while Demeter mourns her daughter. Persephone once a naive young girl becomes Queen of the Underworld, wife of Hades.

The pomegranate speaks to the erotic dance of desire and sex between the masculine and feminine energies.

Because the Pomegranate is a Symbol of fertility and abundance this reminds us that when Persephone arrives upon the earth, in the springtime, she brings with her all the Seeds of fertility, prosperity, and Abundance. This is the time when the earth is in full bloom and life rejoices.

In autumn, when she returns to her husband Hades and her Queendom in the underworld, she takes the Pomegranate with her. During this time of the year the earth goes rests. Although Persephone was returned to the underworld the seeds of growth, fertility and abundance do not vanish forever, they are kept warm and protected within the womb of Mother Earth as we all await her return in the spring. This cycle of abundance, growth and prosperity which she, and her fertile Pomegranate, brings to us every year.

The pomegranate is a symbol of great power and nourishment, it requires effort for reward. If you have ever tried to slice, peel or pull apart a pomegranate, you would quickly see the enormous amount of pomegranate seeds. The seeds represent the complexities of one’s life and can be regarded as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, abundance and generosity.

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