Why JIP?

What is the Journey Inward Project?

An invitation to go deep within yourself to find out who you really are and what you are made of.  To find color in the darkness, to shed all the things that don’t belong to you, to embrace your light and live the life you want to.  

The Journey Inward Project offers one on one counselling, customized workshops and public speaking engagements to inspire and create change within.

Why I started the Journey Inward Project?

I started the Journey Inward Project because we each carry the responsibility to make the most of our lives while we are still alive to live them and pass on the knowledge we learn along the way.

We are living in a time where being self-aware is a requirement.  We are navigating through the collective chaos trying to find a personal moment of calm or clarity, only to rage against that which we cannot control.  So we stand on the edge of defeat forcing us to surrender to the notion that life is a constant flow of good, bad, ugly and sometimes really beautiful. 

Why is it called The Journey Inward Project?


JIP represents the belief that you must go inward if you truly want to heal.  Life is a Journey, there is no perfect, there is no one straight line. Life is bumpy, life is messy, life is chaos.  The journey inward is about learning who you truly are; transforming your pain into power by taking responsibility for your life while dancing in the rain and surrendering to the Journey.  


Who is the Journey Inward Project for?

In an instantly gratifying manic driven society we have grown accustom to having easy access to everything and anything at any time we want it. There is a strong belief that a finite end result or an expectation to “fix” the problem immediately exists.  We want the change, but need to understand that change takes time, effort and relentless dedication.  The Journey Inward Project is for anyone ready, willing and curious to go within, to venture into the unknown. JIP is about exploring the Journey, not about the final destination. 

What can the Journey Inward Project do for you?

  • Help you be the best version of you

  • Learn how to identity patterns, obstacles, narratives, beliefs and how they impact your life negatively and positively

  • How to communicate your needs, express your feelings, stand in your power and own your strengths

  • Navigate childhood and adult wounding

  • Strengthen your connection with your intuition


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