My story

My journey inward started almost nine years ago after the devastating end to a relationship. Even though I saw it coming, I didn’t see it coming. I felt the floor turn into a sink hole, and down I went. Like Alice down the rabbit hole.


For the astrologists out there, this experience lined up perfectly with what I would eventually learn to call my Saturn return. It was harsh, it was painful, and it brought me to my core. I felt like Bill Murray from
Groundhog Day replaying the same day over and over and over and over again. That day lasted approximately 3 to 6 months.


Looking back on it now, it was fruitful in lessons that I needed to learn.
One thing I didn’t do was mask what I was going through. I’m a Sagittarius and half Italian so I believe in expressing emotions... mostly with my hands.

It wasn’t a conscious choice at the time, but I allowed myself to be sad for as long as it took to heal the broken-hearted damaged little girl inside of me.

Words like co-dependent, depression, trauma, abuse, mother wound and childhood abandonment started to become part of my everyday vocabulary.

I was a sponge for knowledge and insight. I became curious and engaged in my own soul-esteem process of unpacking all the shit from childhood to young adulthood and embracing the me that I was waiting to find.  The answer will always be love.

Here I am.  

Ready and willing to help you be the best version of yourself.  Learn how to love your worst parts, work with your shadow side, uncover your inner child, communicate your needs effectively and embrace the life that is waiting for you. 


With a background in holistic integrative healing, life coaching, reiki, mindful living and conscious dying and a BA in Social Science, I have years of experience speaking, facilitating and empowering youth and adults around the world to believe in themselves and the power of community.  

“And you, when will you begin the journey into yourself” – Rumi

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